Celebrating an age of art and heart, Manvi- the Handmade reimagines the delicate and ancient art of Chikankari, a traditional hand embroidery of the Awadh region in northern India.

Founded in 2007, Manvi- the Handmade brings together European designers and Indian craftswomen to create garments through eco-friendly processes. Most of our products are made of 100% cotton, with a special focus on comfort, softness and design.

With more than 20 years of experience, we at Manvi – the Handmade, have provided excellent service to a global client based in almost 30 countries. We are always eager to collaborate with partners to share our unique artform.

Please explore our unique products and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Sujata Rajan Seth
Founder, Manvi-The Handmade

  • Step 1

    pattern blocks
    used to create Designs
  • Step 2

    over the pattern
  • Step 3

    back embroidery
    for shadow effect

Better for the Customers Better for the World

Better for the Customers Better for the World

We at Manvi, are constantly striving to do better – for our customers and for the world. No substance that is either harmful to the body or to the environment has been used in any Manvi product. We take extra care to minimize our carbon footprint and support hand embroidery by virtue.

If you have suggestions about improving the workplace for women and encouraging sustainable fashion practices, please reach out to us.

Founded By Women,
For Women

Manvi – The Handmade, is an organization founded by women, for women. A vast majority of our senior leadership, designers, and artisans are women located in all regions of the world. Since our establishment, we have made a conscious effort to recognize and challenge cultural and structural barriers that hinder women from working and achieving monetary independence.

For example, to accommodate female workers with domestic care responsibilities, we encourage work from home. To assist younger workers whose families are worried about them traveling alone, we provide free transportation to and from the workplace. To attract budding designers and talent, our senior leadership often engages with local universities to encourage more female leadership.